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Funerals are not something people like to talk about, but at some point in life, they are necessary.

The loss of a loved one is never easy, even when it has been expected and prepared for; and this is why finding a compassionate and experienced funeral director is so important.

If you’re planning your own funeral in advance or have just lost someone close to you, Newhaven Funerals can help you navigate this sensitive time with a variety of services.

If you’re thinking of a cremation, traditional funeral burial, or ocean ceremony to scatter ashes, one of our funeral directors will be there to assist you.

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The Newhaven Funerals Difference

Knowledge & Experience

There are various key features that make us more reliable than our competitors. Our funeral directors in Brisbane and the Gold Coast are well trained and experienced. We have been serving people in Australia since 1979 and are committed to providing the finest quality services to the community with a sharp focus on ensuring compassion, dignity and gentleness to grieving families.

The Connolly Family Since 1979

Newhaven Funerals is a family owned company and for us, the process of supporting the grieving family doesn’t end the day of the funeral. Our loyal team stay in contact until the family recovers from the shock. Our personalised care includes honouring your loved one by creating a memory book and personalised thank you cards to those who attend the funeral.

24/7 Personal Support Respect and Dignity

We are available 24/7 for our customers and respond to your calls, inquiries and concerns with respect and diligence. Our funeral homes service Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast and our company owned crematorium is located midway between Brisbane and Gold Coast at M1 exit 38.

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Your Story

Attending and holding funerals is as much a part life as is living and breathing. Losing a loved one is a tragedy and overcoming it is never easy. In such a situation, people usually cannot focus on funeral preparations – this is why Newhaven Funerals offers exemplary services to help you pass this difficult phase of your life without excessive stress.

Newhaven Funerals excels in provision of top-rated services. With experience spanning decades and thousands of satisfied customers, we have become the leading service provider in this area. Serving clients since 1979, we have managed to maintain an excellent reputation and that is why our services are the most reliable in Australia.

About Us

Having a compassionate and experienced funeral director is such a relief in the time of grief. If you have lost a loved one or want to plan for your funeral in the future, we can help you appropriately. With our services and support, you can navigate through this trying time easily.

We offer a wide range of services from cremation to a traditional funeral burial, ocean ceremony to ashes scattering. Our experienced team caters to every type of funeral and ensures you are able to honor your loved one in a way that reflects them and their life.

To learn more about our funerals and cremation services or discuss something about the pricing and planning of funerals or other specialised services for Gold Coast and Brisbane funerals call us anytime on 1800 644 524. Our family owned funeral directors promise is to serve you with respect, dignity, and care.

Caring for you in your moment of need

Funeral Directors Brisbane & Gold Coast

“Newhaven Funerals explained everything to me and they felt my pain and were very understanding. I would highly recommend Newhaven to everyone. Dad was in Brisbane when he passed, l live in Melbourne, and l was help in every way. Thank you all at Newhaven Funerals.”

Debra Coulson
Funeral Directors Brisbane & Gold Coast

“Newhaven were so professional from the very first meeting we had with Frank. We asked if we could have a tenor singing at our father’s funeral as dad would have loved that. Frank found the most amazing tenor, his voice was just amazing. The funeral was just perfect in every way, can't recommend them highly enough.”

Trevor White
Funeral Directors Brisbane & Gold Coast

“Came for a tour and information session with my partner who is looking to join the industry. The staff were professional, friendly, respectful and super helpful. Left with a much better understanding and respect. Tim the owner was especially helpful and friendly.”

Kru Gregory