When Looking for Cremations in Brisbane, Look to Newhaven Funerals.

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Newhaven Funerals offers Cremation services in Brisbane.

Our Brisbane cremations follow all Australian health requirements.

Moreover, these services are performed with the latest technology to ensure that they are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Newhaven Funerals’ Brisbane Cremation Services Keep Your Loved One’s Dignity

Newhaven Funerals’ cremation service offers include biodegradable urns, timber urns, metal urns, ceramic urns, and even jewellery and keepsakes and usually happen within 72 hours.

Our Cremations include Internet streaming, memorial gardens, air-conditioned chapels and catering facilities.

Newhaven Funeral’s cremations are performed in such a way to ensure your loved ones’ dignity is preserved during the entire process and no matter where you live in South East Queensland our cremation services are available to you and your loved ones.

Cremations are the choice form of burial for more than three quarters of Australians & allow the ashes of your loved one to be scattered in the way you desire.

This can include ocean burials in the Gold Coast and even placing the ashes in remembrance jewellery in Brisbane.

Newhaven Funerals has unique funeral options as well

Besides cremations, Newhaven Funerals offers unique funeral options as well.

These include personalised coffins, memory jewels, display pictures or canvas prints, ocean funerals, video slideshow tributes, family and friends participation, musicians, the Harley Davidson hearse, military honours, unique processionals, dove or butterfly releases, and even symbolic ceremonies.

Regardless of the type of funeral service you are interested in for your loved one, Newhaven Funerals is able to provide you with all the guidance and support you need to properly save good bye and grieve your loved one.

Newhaven Funerals has been in business for nearly forty years & our staff are chosen specifically for their ability to be empathetic with the loved ones and family members of the person who has passed away.

They make sure to fill every need your family may need. Also, the caring of Newhaven Funerals’ staff does not end when the service is over.

Our staff will continue to reach out to the family members to ensure that they have recovered as best as they can after the trauma of losing someone.

Newhaven Funerals believes that the final ceremony for a loved one should be a chance for all family members and loved ones to say goodbye in the way that feels right for them. Moreover, we believe that though a funeral or memorial service is a time to grieve, it is also a time to celebrate the deceased person’s life.

It is a time to tell stories, remember jokes, and smile at the pleasant memories.

Newhaven Funerals offers many different types of ways to say goodbye and to celebrate a person’s life at the same time.

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