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Grief is the most unfortunate – and most unwanted – of emotions. The loss of a loved one leaves you with no choice, however, but to mourn. It’s a slow, difficult process made all the more complicated by the need for Mackay funeral homes. There are many choices to make, but you’re physically (and spiritually) overwhelmed. You don’t know what to do.

Let Newhaven Funerals provide the help you need. Our dedicated directors oversee services throughout Queensland, and they will guide you through all arrangements for a funeral in Mackay.

Newhaven Funerals: About Us

Since 1979, Newhaven Funerals has served as the premier providers of funerals in Mackay, Brisbane, and beyond. Our team – led by Tim, Rebecca, and Libby Connolly – devotes itself to providing our customers with the support they deserve. We’re family-owned and certified with both the Independent Funeral Directors Association and the Queensland State Government Code of Conduct.

We believe in the power of healing. This is why all Mackay funerals are precisely arranged, with families able to fully express their grief, love, and acceptance. We honour each individual through personalised services and tremendous care.

Our Services: Planning a Funeral in Mackay

The burden of planning a Mackay funeral often proves too much for families. The endless details, arrangements, and choices seem impossible to overcome – especially when made during times of sorrow. Newhaven Funerals understands. This is why we connect each individual to the services they need. We feature distinct funeral options: cremation, burial, and ocean services.


We provide cremation services for all Mackay residents. Mackay Funerals
All remains are carefully processed before being returned in keepsake urns. We then offer access to chapels, gardens, and other mourning sites so that each family may mourn in peace.


Throughout the city are many cemeteries and, those wishing for traditional Mackay funerals, will need help selecting the right one. Newhaven Funerals provides that help, connecting each family to: lawn services, coffin selections, urn selections, floral selections, and more.


The Gold Coast serves as a fitting backdrop to a memorial. This is why we now offer ocean services, with our private vessel (the POSSMM) taking passengers into the Coral Sea. There, families may scatter ashes and pay their respects.

This service may not be available for Mackay funerals. Contact us with all inquiries.

Funerals in Mackay once proved impossible to plan. Newhaven Funerals, however, eases families through the process through our three service options.

Need to Plan a Mackay Funeral? Contact Newhaven Funerals to Experience the Family Difference.

When planning funerals in Mackay turn to the Newhaven team. Why? Because our family serves your family, providing each memorial with the respect and reverence it deserves. We seek to help, to heal, and to ease your pain.

To learn more about our services – including cremations, burials, or ocean funerals in Mackay – contact us today. Our team will gladly answer any questions or concerns.

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