The passing of a loved one is a tragic event that often consumes a family with grief. All too often, the tears and trauma mar the experience overall, whereby relatives can’t wait to put the whole experience behind them.

With this in mind, people often forget to factor in the personality of the person who has passed. One way to avoid holding a funeral that says nothing about a life lived – as well as helping to alleviate the immense pressure of responsibility on your family once you’ve passed – is to look at the many options available for personal pre-arranged funerals in Queensland.


If a word not often used to describe you is “traditional”, there are plenty of options available for creating a custom casket that will resonate with mourners. Perhaps you’re a keen surfer or you simply love colour, your casket can represent those passions with hand-painted designs that are as unforgettable as you are.


There is no rule that says you have to go with conventional white blooms. Ask your funeral director for their advice around choosing alternative arrangements that represent your favourites yet still maintain a respectful theme.

Personalised Accoutrement

In addition to flowers, consider using photographs that capture your essence or collectibles if you’re a keen hobbyist. This is an ideal time to ask family members for their input about mementos that have meaning for both yourself and them.


You don’t have to stick to the typically sombre funeral hymns. If you enjoy listening to certain types of music, the playing of some of your favourite songs will likely bring a joyful tear to many an eye at the funeral service.

Sharing memories

To commemorate your life, funeral directors will usually encourage a eulogy. However, you could choose to have someone close to you read a list of memories, written by those closest and dearest to you. Or perhaps select a tree-planting ceremony to keep your memory alive for years to come.


People often give favours at weddings and birthday parties, so choosing to hand out your preferred lollies or seed packets of your favourite plants is a wonderful way to keep warm memories alive for loved ones.

Something fun

While your funeral is likely to be a very sad and painful occasion, many people who know you will agree you wouldn’t want to see your loved ones endure a miserable and depressing experience. If you’re a mad keen footy fan, perhaps ask a capable guest to kick a football outside in your honour. If you loved to make people laugh, raise a toast with a tasteful joke attached.

While planning a funeral is not going to be the most fun you will have, giving the gift of a pre-arranged funeral will help your loved ones enormously when they come to face the tragedy of your passing.

With the help of the respectful and professional team Newhaven Funerals, you can infuse the day with a dignified celebration of your life that is truly unique to you.

Your choices may even help elicit smiles from mourners by invoking a recollection of cherished memories from your meaningful lifetime.

Ask your Newhaven funeral director if your chosen place of burial will permit your plans for the funeral ceremony.


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