There is no denying that choosing a coffin can daunting.

By using computer tablets during the funeral arrangements our staff are able to show you every coffin in our range. This avoids having to physically visit a coffin selection room which may be confronting.

There are many different caskets and coffins in our range.

We have selected these to suit all members of the community and all financial situations.

Casket or coffin?

A casket is a four sided timber or metal container usually with a hinged lid, sometimes with ornate carvings and fittings.

A coffin is six sided in shape, often narrower at the feet end and with a lid that is removable.

What are they made from?

Most coffins are made from timber. Some are solid timber, while others are timber veneer or timber composite.  Metal caskets are usually used if the request is to be buried in an above ground vault.

In recent times Wicker coffins have become popular due in part to them being environmentally friendly and being made from sustainable products.

Cardboard coffins are suited for Direct Cremation and are not suited for public display.

Our suppliers.

Their best in class manufacturing facilities and proven processes allow them to produce quality caskets and coffins from locations throughout Australia. They control all aspects of the manufacturing process with down-to-the-minute precision. Processes have been developed and refined over many years and continue to improve with the latest quality assurance programs, and state of the art equipment.

Our supplier understands that confidence in quality is an integral part of our business. They offers us a substantial coffin selection to choose from. Their team of skilled craftspeople work relentlessly in pursuit of excellence. They take great pride in producing a quality product for us.

Timber Coffin and Casket Range

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Natural Wicker Coffin Range

Wicker Coffin

Wicker Coffin

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