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Around 80% of Australians prefer the method of cremation to bid farewell to their loved ones.

The Connolly Family who operate Newhaven Funerals own Eco Memorial Park Crematorium which is a highly advanced and fully equipped modern facility with amenities including catering, air conditioned chapel, internet live streaming, and well-maintained memorial gardens.

Our own crematorium. Cremation and Burial

Our crematorium offers a calm, soothing, and peaceful environment with natural Australian bush land and trees surrounding the area.

To ensure minimal impact on the environment we use state-of-the-art equipment such as computer controlled exhaust and secondary chambers, which treat gases within the machine and expel it as clean air.

The cremated remains are processed and either returned or memorialised in an urn within 72 hours.

Can we see the facility?

You can request to view the facilities we offer before signing up for the funeral process.

Our crematorium is open to public visits and to all funeral directors.

You can also ask to witness the cremation.

We take pride in the superior level of service quality we offer.

What about burial? Memorial Gardens Cemetery

All the main cemeteries nowadays are lawn or monumental cemeteries. Lawn graves are where a plaque is inscribed into a small block of concrete that is then set in the lawn.

This method is easier to maintain and aesthetically tidy as well.

A monumental cemetery is made up of headstones and elaborate monuments.

On a predetermined day of the week, cemeteries remove all the flowers, which is vital to maintain the area appropriately.

Except for during and immediately after the burial, there is a dedicated place for flowers.

All the flowers should be placed in the prescribed receptacles to ensure uniformity and prevent breakages.

You may also purchase a cemetery plot.

Contact our funeral directors at Newhaven Funerals for Gold Coast Cremation and Burial costs or Brisbane Cremation and Burial costs, or simply contact your local council directly to purchase a burial plot.

Want to learn more?

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You can contact us anytime.

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