What are some environmentally friendly funeral options?

With a global movement towards environmentally friendly funeral options we are proud to be able to offer these services. We find that reducing environmental impact is relatively easy by simply utilising Eco friendly funeral products and understanding their manufacturing process. Below you will find some ideas that may fit with your own views. You can discuss these options with one of our expert funeral planners at the time of the funeral arrangement or contact us to find out more.

Natural Burial or Green Burial

refers to internment of a body in the soil at shallow depth so that it will naturally decompose. They will be returned to nature with minimal environmental impact. Natural Burial is an alternative to the western burial methods especially those that involve use of chemical preservatives and disinfectants like embalming fluids. Such methods can destroy the microbial decomposes that break down the body.

Environmentally Friendly Funeral OptionsA biodegradable coffin, wicker coffin or simple shroud can be used to bury the body. The grave doesn’t need a burial vault or container or anything that prevents contact of the body with the soil. The grave must be shallow enough to let microbial activity occur, just like happens in composting.

Both private land and some cemeteries can be used for natural burials. Private land options will be subject to local regulations. Public cemeteries may requires a vault-free method of burial.

Alberton Cemetery off M1 exit 38 is the closest approved cemetery to Brisbane and Gold Coast for Natural Burials. Only one interment is allowed and the grave site is selected by the council on a next in line basis. It is mandatory that the burial coffins be made from natural materials like Wicker or Pine. They shouldn’t contain any lacquers, metal or plastic fixings.

Grave markers or stones are not allowed at the cemetery but GPS coordinates can be provided for locating the grave.

The family can plant shrubs after the interment and can apply a plaque to the communal memorial.

Natural Burial

Alberton Cemetery Memorial

Eco Funeral

Bio Board Cardboard Coffin

Cardboard Coffins

Using cardboard coffins is an excellent way of reducing environmental impact and has some real benefits when it comes to the output of cremation. Have a look at some facts about cremating cardboard coffins here >> Cardboard Caskets – Emission Test Results

  • Earth Friendly
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Greenhouse Friendly
  • Responsibly Sourced
  • Sustainable
  • Assembled in under 2 mins
  • Lightweight
  • Emissions tested
  • Load tested to 240kg

Eco Friendly Cremation

Relative to traditional burial with a lacquered timber coffin, embalming fluids and plastic linings, cremation can be an environmentally friendly choice. Our company owned crematorium Eco Memorial Park has committed to offsetting our environmental impact by truly delivering an environmentally friendly service.

We confidently boast that rainfall is collected and stored in tanks and dams. Waste water is treated onsite for irrigating the memorial gardens.  Green waste is mulched onsite and returned to the garden as compost. General waste is collected and diverted to recycling programs. Our cremator operators are trained to operate and maintain our state of the art cremation equipment in the most environmentally friendly way. Light bulbs have been replaced with low energy bulbs and solar panels installed on all buildings to take advantage of our Queensland sun. We will soon be installing electric vehicle charge stations. We are the preferred venue for those who wish for environmentally friendly funeral options.

Eco Memorial Park Solar Panels
Bio Urn

Environmentally Friendly Cremation Urns

Using recycled cardboard is an excellent way of reducing environmental impact. Some cremation urns are made from plant fibres. A full selection of Bio/Eco Friendly cremation urns can be found at our online store.

  • Earth Friendly
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Greenhouse Friendly
  • Responsibly Sourced
  • Sustainable