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In late 2018 we attended the Cremation Association of North America Conference and met up with Sonia from a fantastic Australian company named ModUrn.

Tim Connolly from Newhaven Funerals says “We were amazed by this new memorial technology. We decided we could incorporate these beacon memorials into our crematorium memorial gardens at Eco Memorial Park in Queensland Australia.

ModUrn have developed an outdoor version of their product and we believe it is a natural fit for our progressive and evolving memorial park”.


How it works:

Placed discreetly above the memorial plaque is a Memento — a small, plastic box with a Bluetooth signal.

Sonia Vachalec began developing the gadget in her 20’s following the death of her own father.

“We were trying to keep all of his things together and his memories,” she said. “And there was just nowhere really fantastic to keep everything together as well as his mortal remains as well.”

Sonia’s company also offers contemporary urns which perform the same function — even for your pets.

As technology continues to play a part in modern grieving — online tributes and messages to loved ones via social media now a common response to death – Sonia believes technology will grow to play an even bigger role.

“Technology is such a part of all our lives now and it’s just going to increase as we go into the future that it’s just a natural progression that it would go into the memorial space and the supportive space,” she said.

“I think that technology will just become more and more ingrained in obviously not just life but in death.”

Why we believe in it.

Tim from Newhaven Funerals – “We truly believe this amazing technology will benefit and provide a person a healthy grief journey. It can connect all the family and friends together by combining memories and sharing personal experiences which are an important extension of what we do as expert funeral directors.  There is much more to this tech than meets the eye and the unseen value will be in the chance to keep the memory alive.”

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