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What Makes our Funerals and Cremation Service Unique in Brisbane


With so many funeral services to choose from, it is comforting to know that our Brisbane funeral directors are fully trained, and have helped countless families plan and arrange truly meaningful funerals.

We have helped them navigate through the physical, mental, and emotional stress that follows the loss of a loved one—all without the exorbitant funeral costs that other funeral homes may provide.

Newhaven Funerals take what we do very seriously. For us, it is a community commitment to providing compassion, dignity and tender care to families who have lost loved ones.

This process doesn’t end the day of the funeral either.

Our funeral directors remain in loyal contact with the families until it’s certain there has been a level of recovery achieved.

The personalised care includes creating a memory book to honour your loved one and sending out a personalised “thank you” to those who attended the funeral.

We are different because we’ve been in operation since 1979 and our service level continues to increase.

Clients choose us, not because of the complimentary fresh fruit and ice water we provide, not because of the white gloved service or the home visit consultation, but for the sheer fact that we’re a family business operating successfully for over 3 decades!

Newhaven Funerals staff are specially chosen for their caring natures and willingness to be empathetic and helpful for people during their grieving process.

Our services are designed to take the weight of planning and arranging a funeral off of your shoulders.

We understand that losing a loved one is a difficult time for anyone, which is why we do our best to provide the thoughtful, compassionate, and reliable service you and your family deserve, while keeping funeral costs affordable.

Open For You 24/7


The loss of a loved one is an undeniably difficult time for anyone, whether or not the loss has been prepared for or not.

In either case, having a trusted funeral director by your side is important.

Our lines are open 24 hours a day, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us no matter how odd the hour.

We are more than capable of helping plan funerals even at short notice.

Whether you prefer to go with a traditional funeral, to have the body cremated at our crematorium, or to scatter ashes at an ocean funeral, we work hard to make sure each funeral is a meaningful tribute to your loved one.

Our Services

Thanks to decades of extensive experience, our Brisbane funeral directors provide a wide range of services, including:

Did your love one specify a preference or special or unique request?

Our funeral directors are more than happy to accommodate any special requests you may have.

Simply let us know so we can help you arrange a unique and meaningful funeral for your loved one.

No matter your loved one’s plans, Newhaven Funerals offers various services. These funeral services can include all different types of farewell ceremonies, including Ocean Funerals, as well as video slideshows and other unique funerals and ideas.

No matter the way you want to say goodbye, Newhaven Funerals Brisbane is able to provide the funeral service to best fit your needs.

With offices at Stapylton and Burleigh, we are conveniently located to service from Tweed Heads to Redcliffe, Bayside and Ipswich.

You can call us anytime 24/7 on 1800 644 524

If You Are Looking for a Funeral Director in Brisbane? Newhaven Funerals, We’re Here for You.

Brisbane is a beautiful city to live in and also a beautiful place to say goodbye to your loved one. Newhaven Funerals takes advantage of this beauty and can suggest many beautiful memorial parks.

Newhaven Funerals believes that a loved ones’ funeral service in Brisbane should be peaceful and beautiful.
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Arranging a Funeral in Brisbane:

We are here to help:

  • Contact a Brisbane Based Funeral Director – We are here to assist you 
  • We will secure permits/death certificates
  • We will arrange burial/cremation
  • Notify family and friends
  • We will assist with coffin selection
  • Help with floral selection and arrangement
  • Help you choose transportation
  • Church, chapel or graveside service – we’ll help you with your choice
  • Download our Planning a Funeral Guide booklet for more information and guidance

Planning Is A Great Gift For Your Loved Ones

One excellent way to reduce the stress and worry during the grieving process is to pre-plan your funeral service.

This idea may seem rather morbid, but it is an excellent way to save family and loved ones from having to make difficult decisions during their grieving times.

Newhaven Funerals staff has a questionnaire packet that they can go over with you to help you make every decision necessary to plan your funeral service.

Newhaven Funerals offers a no-obligation free consultation, so if this service sounds like something you may be interested in, consider calling Newhaven Funerals today.

You can contact us for accurate Brisbane Cremation and Burial costs.

Newhaven Funerals Believes in Giving Back to the Community

Newhaven Funerals also believes in celebrating the community by giving back to numerous charity organisations in the area.

These organisations include Arundel Community Hub & Women’s Residential Care, AATA, SAILS, Angel Flight, Guide Dogs Queensland, Animal Welfare Queensland and Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Newhaven Funerals believes that giving back to these organisations is a way to celebrate life in Australia and make the world a better place.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many people can I have at a funeral during COVID-19?

A: Current restrictions of a maximum of 100 people at a funeral service allow for 40 people inside our EMP chapel with accommodation for a further 60 mourners outside with access to screens and speakers to follow along with the service inside.

Please Note: 100 maximum in attendance includes officiants and funeral directors.

Q: What happens if my loved one had Coronavirus?

A: There are guidelines from Qld Health which include restrictions for viewing and dressing of the deceased. Also included are recommendations for no embalming for the safety of our teams.

These restrictions will be discussed with you at the time to ensure you have the most relevant and up-to-date information available.

Q: Is it only immediate Family who can attend a funeral?

A: The funeral is not restricted to just immediate family, if the numbers are below the government guidelines of 100.

However, in the case of a larger gathering, we encourage families to utilise our live streaming, webcasting and recording audio-visual technology, which is currently available for all funeral arrangements to assist us to comply with the regulations.

Q: We live in Brisbane, Can you help?

A: When you need the services of a long established family owned funeral company who can arrange a funeral in Brisbane and surrounding areas, then we can help. We can come to you or you can come to us. Simply contact us anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we’ll be there when you need us.

Q: How Much Does a Funeral Cost? 

A: We understand the loss of a loved one will be very difficult and our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. When a loved one passes away, one of your first set of calls should be to one of our expert funeral directors to find out how we can help and what are the associated funeral costs.

Q: What cemeteries are near me in Brisbane?

A: Below is a link to our local council cemeteries.

Click here for Brisbane City Cemeteries

Where to find Newhaven Funerals in Brisbane.