Grief and Loss Training Seminars.

Your Place.

Our company understands the importance of sharing knowledge to benefit the community. When we understand how reactions to grief or trauma can affect us we are able to move forward. Understanding this helps identify this is a natural process and we’ll ultimately be OK.

We provide Grief and Loss training seminars at nursing homes and retirement complexes.  Our seminars focus on how a grieving family can be affected positively. This will depend on how confident staff are dealing with this difficult situation. Our qualified grief counselors strive to provide practical information which can be used immediately. This benefits both the client and the staff members directly. All attending staff are provided a certificate of completion. This certificate can be included in personal development training records.

Each staff member will potentially struggle to deal with the loss of a resident. With this training they will become confident to expertly handle the grieving family.

If you’d like some more information or you’d like to book a session you can contact us here.

Our Place.

We also conduct tours of our facilities and provide dedicated open days to those  interested. We find that most people have many misconceptions about what funeral directors do.

Grief and Loss Training

Community Education Session

We also operate a crematorium and a pet cremation business and we’re committed to ensuring that those who visit are provided a respectful and education experience.

If you need more information about Your Place Grief and Loss training seminars or Our Place Crematorium and funeral home tours, please contact us.