A unique life deserves a unique story.

Every life is unique and should be adequately reflected through professional service delivery. Future generations benefit by letting us help tell your story. This will help them appreciate the trials and tribulations each individual has experienced as well as maintain the legacy of the family story. Even in death, the memory of a life well lived can continue through memorable funeral services and with the support of our expert funeral planners, we can tailor an experience that will be both, thoughtful and respectful. We’ll help ensure the final chapter is beneficial to a healthy grief experience for all those who attend.

Attending and holding funerals is as much part of our life as it living. Losing a loved one is a huge tragedy and overcoming it is never easy. In such a situation, people usually cannot focus on funeral preparations and this is why Newhaven Funerals team members offer exemplary services to help you progress through this difficult phase of your life without excessive stress.

More Than Just Funerals

We genuinely care about our clients. After the funeral, we go out of our way to keep in touch with the bereaved until we are sure they have been able to accept and move on from the trauma. We can easily connect those who are struggling with their loss to a respected counsellor. Our team also conducts grief recovery programs.

Our team of expert funeral directors offer a wide variety of services, including:

  • Modern Cremation Services
  • Meaningful Memorial Services
  • Eco Friendly Services
  • Traditional Cremation and Burial Services
  • Natural Burial
  • Direct Cremation
  • Ocean Funerals
  • Pet Cremation
  • Repatriation Interstate and Overseas
  • Other Services

What can I expect?

Our internal motto is “Every Client, Every Option, Every Time”. This way you will be fully aware of every service that is available to you.

We are also open to accommodating any additional requests you may have. With over 40 years of experience, we are confident in our ability to provide services that not only meet your specifications, but also exceed your expectations. When you require the services of a funeral director in Brisbane or any other part of Queensland, know that you can always rely on Newhaven Funerals.

Dedicated Team of Professionals

Each and every member of the Newhaven Funerals family has undergone a strict hiring process and background check before joining the team. This assures you that you always speak to a true professional who has the knowledge and experience to attend to your needs during this difficult period. We highly encourage clients to approach any member of our team if you have any special requests, such as if you would like to scatter ashes with an ocean funeral or the like. We are always more than happy to help.

Get in Touch Today

For any questions you may have about arranging and planning a unique and meaningful  funeral service or if you would like to schedule an appointment with our funeral director regarding pre-arrangements, please us on 1800 644 524. You may also send us a message by filling out our contact form.