My life – My funeral plan

Each life is unique and my funeral plan should be reflected that way.  Planning ahead is an important step in everyone’s estate planning and will help ensure all wishes are adhered to.

Some things to consider.

My Funeral Plan

  • Do you have a couple of favourite songs you wanted played?
  • Maybe a type of flower you liked that we can use during the service?
  • Is there something important you’d like mentioned
  • How about a favourite picture you’d like displayed.
  • Would you like the funeral ‘live streamed’?
  • Was a location you loved a great place to hold the funeral?
  • Would an after funeral wake be preferred for those that remain?
  • Do you have a charity you would like guests to donate to in lieu of flowers?
  • What do you want regarding a permanent memorial?
  • Have you thought about what words you’d like on your plaque or headstone? You can get some ideas here>>
  • Do I want my ashes scattered and where?
  • Have I told anyone where my important documents are?

These are all questions that need to be answered and are easily recorded when completing a personalised prearranged funeral plan with Newhaven Funerals.

Some other things to consider.

  • Have I completed a Last Will and Testament?
  • Does my life insurance cover funeral costs?
  • Have I discussed with my carers, family and trusted friends about decisions in relation to future medical treatment and care.
  • Do I understand what is the difference between power of attorney and enduring power of attorney?
    • The main difference between a Power of Attorney and an Enduring Power of Attorney is that an Enduring Power still has effect even after you loose mental capacity. A Power of Attorney is a document you can sign appointing another person to act for you regarding your financial matters.

We can help.

We’ll make sure we explain everything in detail and our expert funeral planner will provide you a record of everything discussed for you to keep with your important documents.

To set your own prearranged funeral plan in place, simply contact us and we’ll walk you through the options available and explain the benefits both financial and emotional.