Newhaven Funerals provide funeral live streaming services at our company owned crematorium.

This service can only be accessed by those to whom the family give the personalised password.

Throughout our lives sometimes we wish we had the ability to be at two places at the same time. We need to be there for the ones we love, to support them in their time of need. Unfortunately, we can’t always meet the demands of scheduling in our daily lives, or the logistics of being far away. We understand sometimes it is hard to attend a funeral of those whom you had an appreciation for.

With our ability to provide the live streaming service from our company owned crematoriums, you can be there in real time for your friends and loved ones to support them, and develop a personal connection with the funeral ceremony.

With anything technological there are some limitations and sometimes issues. With so many components involved we cannot guarantee this service.

We can also arrange mobile live streaming. Here are links to our preferred providers;

Armon and Smith Live Streaming

Memorial Streaming Services