Why plan ahead by prepaying the funeral

Pre Plan your Funeral in advance for peace of mind.

Most people we talk to who’ve chosen to plan in advance tell us that prearranged funerals have given them peace of mind.

They are pleased because they have taken initiative to spare their families these responsibilities.

The Newhaven Funerals plan is backed by State Government Legislation designed to protect and guarantee the prudent investor.

Purchasing a prearranged funeral plan will not count for means testing your assets. You can find out more here>>

Plan in advanceReduce the burden.

Concerned and thoughtful people plan in advance and arrange their own funeral and/or cremation needs.

Families, who plan in advance, realise the importance of this step, and how much easier it will be for everyone when death becomes a reality.

Most families prefer to make a lump sum contribution equal to today’s funeral costs.

The plan may be designed to meet particular financial capabilities.

Fully paid arrangements assures your funeral costs don’t come from your dependent’s income.

No one can accurately predict their future financial circumstances.

It is really a matter of thoughtfulness and sound financial management. “To plan ahead is to care”

Things to arrange in advance.

Make choices, decide between burial or cremation and prepare your funeral plan accordingly.

Talk to your family about the Newhaven Funeral Plan – Prearranging makes sense.

Tell someone about what you have done and where they can find important papers and who to call when something happens and better still add this advice to your Will and Power of Attorney documentation.

Free consultation.

Call us on 1800 644 524 or fill in the form to receive prompt and attentive guidance from one of our funeral planning experts.

They will assist you with your personal requirements.

When you call, you can request a $200 contribution card that can be used towards the cost of your funeral plan.

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