Making It Yours



Is it possible to reach beyond the grave?

Is there a way of preparing for your death with confidence and calmness?

Can there be blessings for others even when you are no longer present?


These and many more questions are explored in the book, Making It Yours, a look at funerals and end of life in the beginning of the 21st century.


Bruce Wadd, ex-teacher and chaplain, offers a farewell model that can bring healing, togetherness, honour, blessing and transformation to loss. Through stories and questions he explores the intimate possibilities of losing someone and what to do in remembering, honouring, celebrating a life lost but not forgotten.


Making it Yours was written pre-COVID, but you’ll find the principles embedded in this read translate into this time of change. People still die. People still grieve. People still want to say goodbye… but this is done in different ways.


Making It Yours explores some of the historic, current and future trends influencing the funeral industry. The book offers new ways of looking at life’s concluding event. The second half of the book overflows with practical advice, on planning and organisation around ceremony and ritual. But it doesn’t stop there. With a holistic approach, Bruce explores emotions and spirituality of this unique time.


With the premise of no rules, you’ll find some surprisingly innovative ideas and out-of-the-box suggestions for making your farewell suit you as an individual. Rather than settling for a formulaic ritual that reflects little of who you are or the life you have lived, make the ceremony yours, even though you won’t be present.


You will find Bruce writes like he’s sitting across the table from you, showing empathy and understanding, but also courage and compassion as you journey toward, through and beyond this time.


Bruce shares the wisdom of his years as a funeral celebrant, but more importantly, writes to empower you with more informed choices. It will enable you to care for those you love when you’re not present, but creating and leaving a legacy that will be remembered.


More than just a practical and invaluable guide to your journey of farewell, Making It Yours shows what ‘farewell’ can truly mean in the twenty-first century.


Feel welcome to make contact with Bruce via his website,, and to explore other end of life projects he is involved with.


Remember, life is worth living, right till the very final breath… and beyond!