Funeral Director QueenslandFuneral ceremonies have been conducted since people became intelligent enough to form relationships. These relationships solidify the meaning of life and if not reflected at the time of death, individuals risk carrying unresolved grief with them which can have a detrimental effect on how they move forward with future challenges and relationships. For over 40 years our company has helped tens of thousands of people transition through the grief experience by providing support, expert advice and professional service levels.

A funeral service is not for the person who has passed, but more for those who remain. Those who remain should be given a chance to reflect on their own relationship with the person and have an opportunity in a safe place to deal with the emotional heartbreak they will be suffering ‘in their own way’ .

Being part of a ceremony no matter how big or small will help acknowledge that the death has occurred and this is a primary step in our journey of grief.

All cultures and religions have their own unique way of expressing and managing death.

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