An Important Legacy

Some may wonder why we need memorials. Memorials take many forms including headstones in cemeteries, bronze plaques at crematoriums, a cremation urn on a mantle, a social media site or a more formal community structure. No matter the style of memorial, the underling reason for a memorial is to provide a place or event where people can go and visit and pay their respects to the person or group of people who have lost their lives. Probably the most recognisable memorial is that of the Egyptian pyramids which has stood the test of time better than any other physical memorial. The war memorial in Canberra is another good example. Globally, some memorials become tourist attractions which help share the legacy to a new generation.

War memorial Canberra

Lest We Forget

The ability to formally recognise those who have passed is an important component of grief recovery from both a personal and public  perspective. Good funeral planning should include some form of memorial to adequately reflect the persons life and all they’ve achieved during their time while alive which will allow their legacy to live on, and that is why we need memorials.

Our expert team will guide you to the many options available nowadays and will also assist in helping make the memorial personal and memorable.

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